What is a Slot? A slot is a piece of infrastructure that allows airplanes to land and take off from a particular airport. It is a great tool to help manage air traffic at busy airports and prevent repeated delays caused by multiple flights. Many airports around the world already use slots to help prevent congestion. Those who use slot technology to avoid delays can save money and the environment. But what is a Slot, and how does it help people get from A to B?

The slot is a prime area for a defender to shoot. These defenders can fire blistering slap shots into the net. A winger or center may be able to put his stick out in front of the goalie and redirect the shot. Some players can reach speeds of over 100 mph to score a goal. In any case, goalies must be able to react to the puck in a split second.

A slot is a narrow depression in a computer, often referred to as an expansion slot. These slots enable users to add new capabilities to their computer, such as a video card or additional memory. A slot is also a synonym for a deer track, and a bloodhound will follow a wounded deer’s track by following a slot. So what is a slot? This article is intended to be a quick introduction to the topic.