The number of ways to win at slot machines varies according to their payout percentages. There are several common slot machine games, but which one is the best? There are three main strategies:

Gimmicks: While some people believe patterns in the pay window are indicative of the next pay line, this is nonsense. Instead, the “wiggling” reels may indicate that the machine is in need of repair. Slot machine gimmicks are nonsense! Physical reels are not a part of the game, they simply respond to computer commands. Whether they “wiggle” are not a good sign, you should consider having your machine repaired.

Paytable: A paytable is an important part of a slot machine. Unlike the paytable on a table game, the paytable in a slot machine lists the possible payouts. The paytable shows how much money can be won for a particular combination of symbols. Depending on which paytable is displayed, you may win a jackpot or nothing at all! In general, slot machines offer lower stakes than table games, so they’re a safer option for those with limited funds.

Scatter: One of the most useful slots’ bonus features, scatter symbols can trigger three different types of bonus games. You can either trigger a free spins mode by matching three bonus symbols, or trigger an instant cash payout when you match multiple scatters. Free spins are most favorable for players who bet their maximum amount and leave all of their paylines open. However, if you’re playing with low-limit settings, stacked wilds may be the best option.