A slot is a narrow opening for something that can fit. It may refer to a time in a schedule or program, or the position of someone (such as chief copy editor). It can also be the name of an area within a computer for installing or upgrading a processor. The term is also used to describe a computer memory location for storing information.

Many words in the English language have origins that are forgotten or unknown. The word jackpot is an example of such a word; it entered the lexicon via a 19th-century variant of poker in which players contributed an ante prior to each deal, and no player could open bidding until they had two jacks or better. The meaning broadened to encompass situations in which large amounts of money accumulate over a long period, such as the result of a series of spins at a casino slot machine.

Using scheduling software or applications to organize meetings, consultations with colleagues and evaluation reviews is another way to incorporate the slot-based method into your work. This approach can help to foster open communication amongst teams and departments, keeping everyone aware of deadlines and meeting times that need to be met. It can also help to keep projects on track and facilitate collaborative work.