Casino — it’s a place where champagne glasses clink, music is blaring and people are trying their luck with everything from poker to roulette. Gambling is as much about socializing and enjoying the company of others as it is about trying to win. While there are some tutting when a bet doesn’t go one’s way, the overall atmosphere is fun and upbeat.

To help attract and keep guests, casinos need to focus on more than just the gaming floor. They need to offer a complete experience that is centered around the guest and offers something unique or memorable to each individual. This can be achieved through a variety of tactics such as event and group business marketing. With Cvent’s search advertising, casinos can target planners searching for venues for weddings, conventions, team-building activities and more. This will allow them to get top exposure when these planners are most active on the internet and increase their chances of converting.

To make their casino truly stand out, brands should consider using proximity marketing to reach prospective customers in the immediate area. This can be done by using beacons or other location-based services to promote amenities, special events and new offerings. This type of targeted marketing can also be used to attract millennials and other digitally native audiences, which are more likely to spend money on non-gaming offerings than their older counterparts. This is important for casinos to remain competitive in their market and continue to grow their revenue base.